Our code of honor

The world isn’t an orderly place; it’s a mess — markets are the same. That’s why we aim to help traders and investors navigate these currents of chaos, find the opportunities that lie within and then leap on them. And we go above and beyond to live up to that mission.


Our revenue comes from our trades through spreads. So, it's in our best interest to help them become successful traders and trade even more. That's why everything we build is built for you. Satisfying our traders is one of our main goals.


ICCampaign provides the slowest spreads despite the market volatility. We give attractive spreads right across our account types and products range, starting from 0.13 points for the Standard Account, starting from 0.1 points for Business Account, and starting from 0.0 for our Investor Account. Our leverage rates start from 1:2 and go up to 1:600.


With over 200 financial instruments to trade across forex, indices, digital currencies, commodities, shares, futures, and ETFs, you can create a diverse portfolio, increasing your chances to multiply your funds. With our cutting-edge technology, you can enter and exit trades in a flash. Also, there are multiple order types available, so you can control when and how your trades are executed and mitigate the trading risk.