Getting Started

Which account is best for me?

Choosing the best account for you is not easy. It is best to consider how much you like to risk, how much you want to win, and how serious you are about trading. If you want to try a new experience and see if trading is suitable for you, it’s best to create a standard account. If you have some basic knowledge about trading and have tried it before, a business account will provide you the tools you need to start trading immediately. But if you are an experienced trader or are determined to become one, then don’t lose your time and start with the investor account. 

How to open an account with ICCampaign?

 To create an account with ICCampaign, you must follow these steps:

1. Go on the Create an Account section. You’ll find it on the right side of the homepage.

2. Insert all the information, like country, your email address, set a password, and read the terms and conditions. Ensure to provide accurate information when opening an account because you will need to verify them right after you create the account.

3. Insert all the documents needed to confirm your identity and information.

4. Create a trading account where you can decide the way you want to trade and the currency.

5. Make your first deposit.

6. Click on Webtrader on the middle right of the page, and you will go to the platform.

How to set up my interface in Webtrader?

“To adjust the Webtrader interface to maximize your trading experience follow these steps:

1. You can change the size of every section by dragging the blue line on the side or the top of the section.

2. You can hide each section by clicking an arrow icon in the middle of the blue line.

3. You can put instruments at the top of the list by adding them to the favorites section. Just click on an instrument. And then on add to my favorites.

4. To remove an instrument from favorites, click on an instrument and then on remove from the list.

5. You can also replace the traditional symbol list with many charts, just click the more options icon and choose the mini charts tab.

6. Blue arrowheads help you expand and collapse sections such as TV News and ShoutBox.  

How to withdraw my money?

To withdraw your money follow the below steps:

1. Go to the main menu and click on the accounts and deposits section.

2. Choose the trading account you want to withdraw money from.

3. If you haven’t filled your bank account or wallet address, add them now.

4. Click on the withdraw button, and your money will soon transfer to your bank account or wallet. 

How to make my first deposit?

To make your first deposit follow these steps:

1. Open the accounts and deposits section.

2. Choose the trading account you want to send money to.

3. Click on add funds and choose a payment method.

4. Click on the deposit button.

5. If you choose to deposit digital currency, a window with an address and a QR code will pop up. Copy the address to your wallet and execute the transaction. After that, the selected amount will be transferred to your account.