Digital Currencies

Start trading with us the most valuable and important digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Dogecoin, Ripple (XRP), Ada, Dash, Neo, Litecoin, and Quantum (QTUM). Take control of your income and your life with ICCampaign supporting every step of yours.

Digital Currencies Market

What is digital currencies trading?

“Digital Currency trading implies speculating on the digital currency price changes through a trading account or buying and selling digital coins.

Spread Betting on digital currencies

You can speculate on digital currency price changes without owning or buying the coins. You can go long if you think a digital currency will rise in value or short if you believe it will fall. Either way, you can benefit from leverage. That means you only need to put up a small deposit to get total exposure to the trading market. Your profit or loss will depend on the size of your position, and leverage will magnify both profits or losses.

Buying and selling digital currencies through an exchange

In the case you want to purchase digital currencies, you buy the coins themselves. To do that, you’ll need to create an exchange account, open a position, and store the digital currency tokens in your wallet until you’re ready to sell.

Trading digital currencies with ICCampaign

“When you start trading with ICCampaign, you will benefit from super-fast order execution, with most orders executed in less than 10 ms. So, you will experience minimum slippage. You will also trade with the most efficient and easy-to-use trading platform. By using Webtrader, you will benefit from high speed in trade execution, real-time news, live prices, advanced & interactive charts, stop loss & take profits functions, and more. Despite the best products, we offer the best service too. We provide 24/5 support for every question or issue you may have. We will always be with you on every step you take.

That’s not all. We will protect you from high volatility. The digital currency market is illiquid because the transactions are dispersed across multiple exchanges. That means comparatively small trades can have an enormous impact on market prices. That’s part of the reason digital currency markets are so volatile. But, when you trade digital currency through Spread Betting or buying/selling coins with ICCampaign, you can get enhanced liquidity because we source prices from many venues on your behalf. That means that your trades will be executed quickly and at a lower cost.

The platform built for digital currencies trading

“Eclectic insights, fast order execution, and reliable signals are vital to traders’ success. We developed our trading platform with the successful trader in mind.

Order execution tools

We provide a range of order execution tools, including stop-loss, price alerts, trailing stop, guaranteed stop, limit order, and profit target on every trade, so you can trade the way you want and need.

Real-time news

You can access the latest news about financial markets directly through our platform. Trading nowadays means a well-calculated set of actions based on accurate information and news that can make you win millions in seconds. If you are serious about becoming a successful trader, a trading plan based on news and economic events will be a vital part of your strategy.

The successful traders’ charts

Our charts are part of the set that transforms beginner traders into successful ones. They provide many attributes to help you in your analyses, like multiple chart types, drawing tools, many time frames, and more.