Start trading 14 types of commodities to diversify your portfolio. Mitigate your risk and take control of your income and life only with ICCampaign.

Commodities Market

What is commodities trading?

“Commodities are interchangeable goods used mostly as production materials. However, people also consume them, like oil for transportation or gold for jewelry. You can trade three types of commodities with ICCampaign: Agricultures, Energies, and Metals. You can buy or sell them directly or through futures or speculate on their price through Spread Betting.

Commodities prices are indirectly related to shares. That means their price increase when shares prices fall and vice versa. So, trading commodities and shares simultaneously is a great trading strategy.  

Trading commodities with ICCampaign

“When you start trading with ICCampaign, you will benefit from super-fast order execution, with most orders executed in less than 10 ms. So, you will experience minimum slippage. You will also trade with the most efficient and easy-to-use trading platform. By using Webtrader, you will benefit from high speed in trades execution, real-time news, live prices, advanced & interactive charts, stop loss & take profits functions, and more. Despite the best products, we offer the best service too. We provide 24/5 support for every question or issue you may have. We will always be with you on every step you take.

Based on your account, you will benefit from the lowest spreads and competitive leverage ratios when trading with 14 valuable commodities. 

The platform built for commodities trading

“Eclectic insights, fast order execution, and reliable signals are vital to traders’ success. We developed our trading platform with the successful trader in mind.

Order execution tools

We provide a range of order execution tools, including stop-loss, price alerts, trailing stop, guaranteed stop, limit order, and profit target on every trade, so you can trade the way you want and need.

Real-time news

You can access the latest news about financial markets directly through our platform. Trading nowadays means a well-calculated set of actions based on accurate information and news that can make you win millions in seconds. If you are serious about becoming a successful trader, a trading plan based on news and economic events will be a vital part of your strategy.

The successful traders’ charts

Our charts are part of the set that transforms beginner traders into successful ones. They provide many attributes to help you in your analyses, like multiple chart types, drawing tools, many time frames, and more.