Leading online trading

ICCampaign is now a global online trading provider that will guarantee your success. We aim to provide a unique and comprehending approach to trading. For years we noticed a lack of an eclectic and comprehending trading provider. Many of the existed platforms and investment businesses lacked the right tools and knowledge to fully support traders. That’s why we came with our idea to establish ICCampaign.

We wanted to provide traders with the right tools, information, and data to understand how markets work and to make the right investing decisions. We also visioned ICCampaign as an online broker that will help new traders easily learn the basics of trading and become successful traders. And we did it!

What is ICCampaign?

ICCampaign is established upon four main pillars that guide and help us to give you the optimal service


We show integrity while interacting with our clients, employees, partners, and even when no one is around. For us, integrity means being honest, doing the right thing no matter the costs, and following through on our commitments.


We go above and beyond to take care of and protect our clients. We have developed a safe platform where they can trust us with their personal information and funds. The news, charts, financial events, and other information are created or carefully revised by our team of experts to support the trading process.


Our clients motivate us to continually improve our products and services. We want the best for them. Hence, we have a dedicated team responsible for research and innovation.


We have committed ourselves to provide endless opportunities for investors worldwide. ICCampaign doesn't offer just a platform for trading. We help you understand the market and make your decisions. In addition, we take responsibility for every information, tool, and advice we provide.